GetintheLoop collaborates with RBC Ventures


July 31, 2019

RBC Ventures and GetintheLoop are collaborating to bring offers and experiences from local businesses to users of Rocketman, an RBC Venture. The collaboration has the potential to expand to deliver local content to users of other RBC Ventures apps in the future.

GetintheLoop was founded in Kelowna, BC, in 2014 with a mission to provide businesses with a local voice by connecting them with local consumers. 

RBC Ventures strives to go beyond banking through strategic partnerships, developing products and acquiring firms that solve problems and make Canadian lives better. RBC Ventures currently has 16 live ventures and 2.6 million users. 

Through this collaboration, GetintheLoop will substantially expand its network of local offers and work with RBC Ventures to provide value and offers that connect with the wants and needs of RBC Ventures’ clients. This will allow GetintheLoop to significantly expand its platform audience and continue to help grow and expand local business communities through the power of mobile technology.

About GetintheLoop

GetintheLoop is Canada’s leading mobile offers platform, providing businesses with a simple-to-use SaaS platform to reach interested and active members on their smartphone.

Members download and opt-in to receive curated, local offers and experiences from top brands and businesses including restaurants and bars, spas and salons, retail outlets, and service providers, from coast to coast.

GetintheLoop is rapidly expanding into new markets with local owner/operators through our innovative approach to franchising.  Learn how we’ve become one of the fastest growing franchises in Canada at

Third party applications can apply to use GetintheLoop’s software development kit (SDK), to integrate local offers right into their app, providing their users with our network of relevant and local offers with one simple integration at

About RBC Ventures

RBC Ventures Inc., a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada, is going beyond banking to create meaningful solutions that touch every Canadian. We are building new ventures, acquiring growing firms, making investments and partnering with organizations that share our vision. For more information, visit 

For inquiries, contact:

Jason Mann
Chief Marketing Officer

GetintheLoop unveils in-house financing for franchise program

GetintheLoop CEO Matt Crowell (right) with former Canadian Western Bank CEO Larry Pollock, who helped developed the in-house financing program for GetintheLoop Local.

GetintheLoop CEO Matt Crowell (right) with former Canadian Western Bank CEO Larry Pollock, who helped developed the in-house financing program for GetintheLoop Local.

July 8, 2019
For Immediate Release

Canada’s fastest growing franchise, GetintheLoop Local, has introduced an in-house financing program to relieve the major barrier facing some entrepreneurs.

GetintheLoop Local franchise owners connect businesses with GetintheLoop, Canada’s leading mobile offers platform. Since the franchise program was launched 10 months ago, GetintheLoop Local has looked to attract motivated individuals with big ideas, not big pocketbooks, and in-house financing reaffirms this philosophy.

“Our mission is to help small businesses succeed and create opportunities for entrepreneurs everywhere,” said GetintheLoop CEO Matt Crowell. “We understand that great entrepreneurs don’t always have access to the funds required to become a franchisee, which is why we’re focused on people, not the ability to pay.”

GetintheLoop received valuable input on its in-house financing program from former Canadian Western Bank CEO Larry Pollock, who has worked alongside VP of Finance Peter Geh from the beginning of the process. Pollock is an investor in GetintheLoop and also serves in an advisory role.

“It has been rewarding to work on the launch of an in-house financing program for GetintheLoop Local,” Pollock said. “We strongly considered the needs of entrepreneurs throughout this process and have created a system that gives them greater financial freedom as they pursue this amazing opportunity.”

Pollock, who joined the CWB in 1990, retired in 2013 with the distinction of being the longest-serving CEO in Canadian banking history. Under his leadership, CWB’s market capitalization grew from $16 million to $2.3 billion and its assets increased to $17 billion by the time of his retirement.

“Having someone like Larry Pollock support our team is clearly a huge advantage to a young company like GetintheLoop,” Crowell said. “We’re excited to work with him on managing the rapid growth of our company.”

GetintheLoop Local’s in-house financing is available as of July 1. There has never been a greater opportunity for interested entrepreneurs who have been held back by financial concerns to take the leap.

“While we expect 90 per cent of our franchisees to find their own means for capital, having this option is exciting for so many great entrepreneurs that would be a perfect fit for GetintheLoop but are in a position where they can’t afford to jump at the opportunity,” said VP of Franchise Operations Nick Fane.

About GetintheLoop Local

The first ever SaaS digital franchise gives entrepreneurs across Canada the opportunity to operate their own turnkey mobile marketing franchise. Local team members connect businesses in their communities to the GetintheLoop platform and provide ongoing support to help these businesses achieve their goals.

To learn more about GetintheLoop Local, visit

Loop Media Group and GetintheLoop Announces appointment of Coulter Wright as a member of our Executive Advisory Board


Toronto, Ontario June 4th, 2019 - Loop Media Group & GetintheLoop Marketing Ltd (“GetintheLoop” or “The Company”)  announced the appointment of Coulter Wright as a member of our Executive Advisory Board.

“I am pleased to join GetintheLoop at this inflection point in the history of the company. GetintheLoop is already Canada’s largest mobile offers platform and is positioned to take full advantage of the momentum the company has with its unique franchising model and the strong market trends toward location aware mobile marketing and machine learning technology said Coulter Wright, GetintheLoop Advisor.

“Coulter brings a tremendous amount of experience in capitalizing high growth technology companies and supporting expansion both in North America and into other international markets.  He has been adding value to our company for years. It's nice to make it official” stated Matt Crowell, Founder and CEO.

Mr. Wright has 17 years of corporate finance and investment experience leading AGF Investments for 12 years as VP and Portfolio Manager of the Canadian Growth Equity Fund, a one billion dollar fund comprised of hundreds of investments including several early stage and growth stage companies. During this time, Mr. Wright helped many of the companies in the portfolio grow and reach their potential.

More recently, Mr. Wright’s investment in Real Matters led to an executive team role where he helped the company through 3 acquisitions over 18 months. Since 2016, Mr. Wright has served as Co-Founder and CFO of Charly Inc, a technology company dedicated to building efficient communication marketplaces in the influencer and dating space.

Mr. Wright first learned about GetintheLoop almost 5 years ago when Company Founder Matt Crowell started laying the foundation for national growth and partnerships in Toronto. “What was meant to be an introduction coffee quickly turned into a friendship, mentorship, and investment into GetintheLoop. Coulter is now joining to help advise on matters of international expansion, capital, and corporate development”, added Crowell.

Coulter joins Trevor Marshall, Mark Payne, Larry Pollock, Patrick La Forge and Cliff Shillington as Executive Advisors to GetintheLoop.

About GetintheLoop

GetintheLoop is Canada’s leading mobile offers platform that gives bricks and mortar businesses a local voice. GetintheLoop provides a simple-to-use platform for businesses to reach interested and active members on their smartphones.

Members download and opt-in to receive curated, local offers and experiences from top brands and businesses including restaurants and bars, spas and salons, retail outlets, and local events and local attractions.

GetintheLoop is one of the fastest growing franchises in Canada. We are expanding into new markets every month with local owner/operators though an innovative and modern approach to franchising. Learn more:

We love to socialize. Connect and follow us for the latest news and information about the Company and our mission:

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GetintheLoop Joins The International Franchise Association


Our team is proud to share that GetintheLoop has been accepted into the International Franchise Association (IFA). With entrepreneurs from the United States and Europe interested in bringing GetintheLoop to their communities, being a part of an international organization is beneficial as GetintheLoop continues to expand.

In February, our Founder and CEO, Matt Crowell, attended the IFA convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Known as franchising’s biggest event for business development and personal growth, our team was honoured to attend. Having the opportunity to listen to and learn from experts including Gary Vaynerchuk, Dennis Maloney, and Carly Fiorina was incredible. 

The International Franchise Association is the world's oldest and largest organization that represents franchising across the globe. Working through educational programs, public policy, and media relations, the IFA focuses on promoting and protecting franchising establishments.

Canada's Fastest Growing Franchise

Loop University Training

Loop University Training

Statistically, Canadian franchise companies sell an average of four franchises in a year.

In July of 2018, we announced the GetintheLoop franchising opportunity. By September of 2018, we sold ten franchises. By November? Thirteen. We started 2019 with five new franchisees joining the GetintheLoop family in January. How did we sell 18 franchises in the span of six months?

We've said it before, but we’ll say it again for the people in the back… we’re not your typical franchise!

In fact, we’re Canada’s first ever SaaS digital franchise. What does this mean for you?

  1. You don’t need a bricks and mortar location. To start your business, all you need is a mobile phone, a laptop, and a go-getter personality.

  2. A more affordable franchise fee. Culture is a huge part of what makes GetintheLoop successful, so we made our franchise fee affordable to ensure no one was deterred.

  3. Control your income. Work harder, sell more businesses, generate more revenue. It’s a simple equation and it’s entirely within your control.   

Want to learn more about what the ideal GetintheLoop franchisee looks like? Read our post about it here.

Why else are people across the country purchasing a GetintheLoop franchise? They believe in our purpose. In an age where small to medium sized businesses get lost in the digital space due to algorithms on social networks and large advertising budgets going to Silicon Valley companies, it’s easy to feel silenced. GetintheLoop gives a voice to local businesses. GetintheLoop truly is a company run by locals, supporting local businesses, and benefiting the local residents.

Do you want to learn more about being a part of Canada’s fastest growing franchise? Get in touch with our franchise team here and find out how you can bring GetintheLoop to your hometown.

Family Finds Local Success with GetintheLoop

Chrissie & Clay Rozak, Airdrie Alberta

Chrissie & Clay Rozak, Airdrie Alberta

Chrissie and Clay Rozak are like any other Albertan family. Hard working parents trying to juggle full-time jobs with raising children. Except this couple decided that their lives weren’t quite hectic enough already, and became the proud owners of Airdrie’s GetintheLoop Local franchise!

The decision to buy the franchise came about after a conversation Clay had with a good friend of his, another GetintheLoop franchise owner. After this initial conversation, he presented his idea for buying their local franchise to his wife. She just happened to be at a point in her own career where she wasn’t entirely happy and was contemplating making changes, so this opportunity was quite “serendipitous” as she put it, coming at just the right time for the family.

GetintheLoop just made business sense to the Rozaks. Why wouldn’t consumers want a free app that tells them about incredible offers and experiences in their area? Why wouldn’t a local business want to pay a small fee each month to reach the phones of thousands of people in their local area? And why wouldn’t a franchise owner want to take this chance at being their own boss. The franchise fee was very reasonable, there would be no overhead costs, and it would allow the husband and wife team to work when they wanted, as hard as they wanted. To Chrissie, it was “a trifecta of components that came together and made sense”.

Read More…

A Local Business Revolution

Local photo.jpeg

Local businesses need a voice. They need to be heard. But it's hard.

The relentless firehose of never-ending corporate advertising is making consumers tired. Tired if hearing all the tag-lines, evaluating all the options, and simply dealing with the volume. But if you are a locally focused business, this creates a huge opportunity.

Even as the world becomes more digital, consumers desire for local business grows. While they love technological advances, they also want to return to simplicity. They want to declutter their lives and have real face-to-face connections with their community.

People want to support people, not corporations. 

Research shows that consumers want to do business with companies that really want to earn their business and are vested in their local community. When you’re a locally focused business with a connection to your community, you have the potential to build a voice much more powerful and authentic than any marketing team can dream up from their boardroom.

Big brands evolve through large investments to keep up with trends. Local businesses evolve by being authentically connected to their community. That’s something money can’t buy, which makes it priceless.

Today, local business can ride the technological wave and keep their authentic voice with very little investment. Our team at GetintheLoop Local is building a better way to give local business a voice, from coast to coast. Join us, and learn how you can get involved.

Trevor Marshall Joins Loop Media Group as Executive Advisor


January 23, 2019. KELOWNA BC - Loop Media Group, the parent company of GetintheLoop, is pleased to announce the appointment of Trevor Marshall as a member of our Executive Advisory Board.

Trevor joins Mark Payne, Larry Pollock, Patrick La Forge and Cliff Shillington as Executive Advisors

Over the past two decades, Trevor has been focused on SaaS growth across North America. Trevor is currently Vice President and Managing Director at BlackBerry, where he oversees Enterprise sales growth for Canada.  Prior to BlackBerry, Trevor worked in executive leadership roles with Oracle, Yext, TIBCO and Microsoft.

As an Executive Advisor at Loop Media Group, Trevor will be focused on guiding and supporting our expansion plans, specifically working alongside our leadership team to build our growth model for platform integrations and national sales.

Matt Crowell, Founder and CEO of Loop Media Group said, “Trevor’s experience in SaaS technology and integrated partnerships will be critical to ensuring we navigate our next phase of growth with precision.  We are entering an exciting phase in our company and I’m really looking forward to learning from and working with Trevor”

“Having worked with Trevor previously, I am thrilled that we will be working together to build our new national sales program and further leverage our platforms capabilities.  Trevor has a depth of knowledge and experience that will be invaluable as we build out our growth framework” stated, Chris Pinkerton, GetintheLoop’s President & COO.

Trevor has already begun his work with the leadership team at Loop Media Group and GetintheLoop.

Cannvas.Me To Be Exclusive Provider of Cannabis Education for Hi-Jane Mobile Marketing Platform


Cannvas MedTech, a leader in digital cannabis education and leading business technology company, and Loop Media Group, leaders in mobile marketing technology and the creator of Canada’s largest offers platform, GetintheLoop, are pleased to announce the signing of a definitive agreement whereby Cannvas will become the exclusive provider of cannabis education and information to Loop Media Group’s Hi-Jane mobile marketing platform as the two companies share data and insights to improve customer experiences on their respective platforms.

“We expect Loop Media Group’s Hi-Jane mobile marketing solution for cannabis retailers to gain significant penetration in the Canadian cannabis marketplace, increasing access to unbiased physician-backed cannabis education powered by our Cannvas.Me learning platform,” said Steve Loutskou, Chief Operating Officer, Global Markets, Cannvas MedTech Inc. “Partnering with innovative companies like Loop Media Group extends the reach of our Cannvas.Me platform and improves access to unbiased cannabis education for more Canadians. Loop Media Gropu has seen great success with its GetintheLoop platform nationwide and we look forward to the expanded user base Hi-Jane will offer our platform, translating into a richer set of data and insights into cannabis consumption – a key driver of our business.”

Loop Media Group is an innovative business technology company and the creator of Canada’s largest offers platform, GetintheLoop. Building off the GetintheLoop platform, Loop Media Group has recently introduced Hi-Jane, a turn-key mobile app and local marketing solution for retail cannabis dispensaries in Canada.

With Hi-Jane and Cannvas.Me, cannabis retailers can educate active and prospective customers about the potential health benefits of cannabis; alert users to licensed cannabis retailers in their vicinity through geotargeting; and promote services and products with detailed procurement options, all through a seamless, simple and effective user experience. Consumers benefit from an easy and discreet way to educate themselves about cannabis and the related , products, services, clinics and dispensaries available to them. As the Hi-Jane platform evolves, it hopes to become a trusted resource for consumers looking to learn more about legal procurement of cannabis. Partnering with Cannvas.Me strengthens the commitment to educational integrity made by Loop Media Group.

Hi-Jane provides dispensaries and cannabis-affiliated businesses the ability to connect directly with opted-in consumers to build brand awareness, drive new sales, create loyalty, and put their business and products on the local map. By using the location-sensitive mobile app for exclusive offers, events, and experiences, Hi-Jane retailers can avoid the strict advertising regulations that make it challenging for cannabis businesses to market themselves through traditional public-facing advertising channels.

Top Talent Continues to Join Growing Tech Company GetintheLoop


The growth story of mobile technology start-up GetintheLoop continues with the recent announcement of their franchise market expansion, new additions to executive leadership, and an ever-growing list of high profile investors and advisors.

Over the past 18 months, GetintheLoop has grown from its humble beginnings in Kelowna, BC, to over 35 cities in Western Canada. The company is now primed to accelerate its growth across the remainder of Canada, with the United States in its sights. Once partnered with many of Canada’s largest media companies, GetintheLoop is now growing rapidly on its own, attracting talent from some of the biggest companies in Canada.

Early last year, GetintheLoop announced that Patrick La Forge, former President and COO of Oilers Entertainment Group, was joining the team as a Partner and Vice President, Partnerships and Business Development. Shortly after, the company brought on Chris Pinkerton, the VP of Mediative and head of a division at YP Canada, to join as President and COO. Chris works alongside Nick Fane, Jesse Schimmel, Barb Newman, and Kirsten Fair, directors of various divisions within the organization.

In April, the company welcomed Cliff Shillington as a strategic advisor to help guide GetintheLoop as they franchise their technology platform across North America. Shillington is the former VP of International Development at RE/MAX, where he was responsible for overseeing the global growth of RE/MAX.

Most recently, GetintheLoop announced the addition of Jason Mann as VP Marketing of GetintheLoop and CMO at Loop Media Group. Jason joins Loop Media Group as the previous co-founder of Vista Radio, which grew into 48 markets across Canada, before he joined Bell Media as their head of digital media in Western Canada. Jason specializes in building audience and brand, which will be his key focus early on as GetintheLoop looks to scale up its audience and brand awareness across Canada over the next couple of quarters.

GetintheLoop was founded on an $800 budget and was run from Crowell’s phone on the evenings and weekends, until he was able to raise his first investment and begin to grow the team. Finding and building a team of passionate and positive entrepreneurs, alongside regular advice from mentors and investors has been the key to GetintheLoop’s growth.

“I have been fortunate to work with a first-class technology team, a mentor like Mark Payne, and now get advice from the likes of Larry Pollock, Patrick La Forge, and Cliff Shillington,” said Crowell. “To build a successful company takes an army, and the group of advisors surrounding our team makes a huge impact on our ability to grow. We are in a great position today, but we also know there is a lot of work ahead. We have very large goals.”

The future is bright for GetintheLoop and their technology. The team is focused on building a better way to connect local businesses with mobile consumers, at a fraction of the cost of traditional media (print, radio, and TV). This disruptive approach opens up another opportunity to radically change how mobile apps are monetized, ushering in a better way to provide value to consumers and revenue for app publishers in the future.

Loop Media Group brings media exec over for CMO/VP Marketing and Product role


Loop Media Group is pleased to announce that Entrepreneur and Media Executive Jason Mann has joined as CMO of Loop Media Group, and VP Marketing and Product for GetintheLoop.

Matt Crowell, Founder/CEO of Loop Media Group said, “Jason’s unique combination of experience in both traditional and digital media and brand development is well timed as the company is currently experiencing accelerated growth through our recently launched franchise model”.   

Jason Mann stated, “GetintheLoop is a leader in the mobile marketing space and as mobile marketing continues to grow exponentially there isn’t a more exciting company to be with”. 

Jason has worked with brands like Toyota, McDonalds, Tim Hortons, and Canadian Tire. Most recently, Jason was responsible for growing local digital sales in British Columbia for Bell Media including local radio, CTV and specialty channels including TSN and E! Over the past five years he’s also provided consulting services to dozens of brands including clients of the Business Development Bank of Canada. Prior to that Jason co-founded Vista Radio and lead the growth of the company from one station in BC to over 40 across Canada as their Vice President Programming and Digital Media. 

With the evolution of GetintheLoop Local Franchising and the accelerated growth of the company driven by franchise operators, Jason’s brand experience will help to ensure GetintheLoop continues to connect with its audience consistently through this time of sustained expansion. 

GetintheLoop is constantly iterating and improving its user experience and Jason’s background in building radio and online audiences will bring additional focus on building membership and increasing member engagement. 

GetintheLoop is an intelligent mobile marketing platform that connects businesses with local consumers. The online offers platform allows businesses to deliver real-time experiences and exclusive offers directly to the mobile phones of engaged consumers, enabling businesses to attract new customers, develop meaningful relationships and obtain immediate in-depth data on their behaviour.

The GetintheLoop network reaches millions of Western Canadians every month and connects tens of thousands of members with exclusive offers in over 30 cities across Western Canada.

GetintheLoop Launches in Atlantic Canada


September 28th, 2018. Kelowna, BC – GetintheLoop, Canada’s leading mobile offers platform, has officially launched in Atlantic Canada.

Since announcing a new opportunity for entrepreneurs across North America to open their own digital franchise through GetintheLoop Local, the team at GetintheLoop has successfully launched 10 new local markets in 90 days - spanning coast to coast.

“Setting up our first master franchise opportunity, with an experienced business leader like Michael Coburn, is opening up GetintheLoop to the Atlantic Provinces early in our growth phase.  We are thrilled to see Michael hitting the ground running” stated Cliff Shillington, Senior Advisor of GetintheLoop Local.

GetintheLoop Local provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to join the digital economy and become their own boss, while creating significant income and controlling their schedule and destiny. GetintheLoop Local franchisees operate a turn-key mobile marketing solution, leveraging GetintheLoop’s proven technology platform, to make local marketing simple and affordable for businesses.

“Our team is thrilled with our successful launch of Canada’s first mobile offers franchise.  We are now working with driven entrepreneurs from across Canada to bring GetintheLoop’s unique local marketing platform every community in Canada” said Matt Crowell, Founder and CEO of GetintheLoop.

 Our next Franchise Owner training at Loop University is already scheduled for November  19th – 21st with a new wave of franchisees bringing GetintheLoop to even more markets in Q4 2018.

To learn more about GetintheLoop Local and to enquire about bringing GetintheLoop to your community,  visit

Loop University


September 17th, 2018. Kelowna, BC – GetintheLoop, Canada’s leading local offers platform, has officially launched ‘Loop University’ which is rolling out its first class of GetintheLoop franchise owners across Canada. It was exactly three months ago today that GetintheLoop announced a new opportunity for entrepreneurs across North America to open their own digital franchise through GetintheLoop Local.  

“Today is a very special day for everyone in our organization. I am so proud of the work our team has put in over the past 5 years to make the dream of launching an all mobile franchise possible. Our technology was built to help businesses owners succeed at local marketing, now we’re seeing new markets roll out across Canada with local entrepreneurs at the helm. It’s a dream come true for me and will make a huge difference for businesses owners and our members alike “ said Matt Crowell, Founder and CEO of GetintheLoop.

Click HERE to read more.

Over 150 Applications to be a GetintheLoop Local Owner


July 25th 2018. Kelowna, BC - Loop Media Group is thrilled to share that within the first week of launching GetintheLoop Local, Canada’s first mobile offers franchise, they have already received over 150 franchisee applications and are continuing to receive over twelve a day.

“It’s like nothing I have seen before in all my years in franchising. Although, I’m not surprised given the modest capital investment with this business model and the expected positive return on investment in such a short period of time,” says Cliff Shillington, Advisor to GetintheLoop Local.

The GetintheLoop Local team is diligently working through a robust application process and are excited to be having early conversations with hopeful entrepreneurs. The first phase of franchise rollouts is expect to start in late September, with a limited number of early owners to be selected and further franchise territories to kick off later in the fall.

“We’re overwhelmed with the feedback and excitement we’ve received so early on. It’s great to see so many entrepreneurs around the country, who are incredibly passionate about this opportunity we have created,“ said Founder and CEO, Matt Crowell.

GetintheLoop Local provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to be their own boss, while creating significant income and controlling their schedule and destiny. GetintheLoop Local franchisees will operate a turn-key mobile marketing solution, leveraging GetintheLoop’s proven platform, to make local marketing simple and affordable for businesses.

With some early markets already spoken for across Canada and more applications coming in daily, the GetintheLoop Local team is excited by the response they have received. Matt Crowell added, “we couldn’t be happier with the overwhelming early interest we’ve seen so far. We’re incredibly thankful. It’s a great start to what we believe could be one of the largest and fastest growing franchise opportunities out there, but today, it’s just the beginning of a great start!”

To learn more about GetintheLoop Local and to enquire about bringing it to your community,  visit their website at

GetintheLoop Local: The first mobile offers franchise in Canada.


July 17th 2018. Kelowna, BC - Loop Media Group, the creators of GetintheLoop, Canada’s leading offers platform, are proud to announce the creation of GetintheLoop Local.  The first mobile offers franchise in Canada.

GetintheLoop Local provides entrepreneurs across North America the opportunity to be their own boss, while creating significant income and controlling their schedule and destiny. GetintheLoop Local Franchisees will operate a turn-key mobile marketing solution, leveraging GetintheLoop’s proven platform, to make local marketing simple and affordable for businesses everywhere.

“The launch of GetintheLoop Local is very close to my heart” said Founder and CEO Matt Crowell enthusiastically. “GetintheLoop was built to empower small business owners and make local marketing simple and affordable. Taking what we have created and turning it into a new business venture for hundreds of entrepreneurs across North America and one day the world is a dream come true”. He added, “we’re entrepreneurs empowering entrepreneurs to help entrepreneurs, now that’s awesome”!

Over the past 3 years we have received over 100+ requests from entrepreneurs and fans of GetintheLoop enquiring about how they could help bring the GetintheLoop app to their community. Matt Crowell noted, “we’ve been looking at establishing a franchise opportunity for a while now, but we first had to get the formula for success proven and repeatable. Today, GetintheLoop is used by hundreds of national and local brands and we have proven successful in markets of all sizes across Western Canada – so now is the time”

With high interest early in our launch, and a few initial markets already spoken for, we expect GetintheLoop Local to be one of the fastest growing franchises in North America over the next couple of years. The number of inquiries has exceeded our expectations and the first few transactions have happened very quickly.

Owning a territory with GetintheLoop Local is as affordable as $15,000 in Franchisee fees with larger territories going for $35,000. GetintheLoop Local’s competitive advantage over other franchise operations is the low start-up cost as an owner does not need a bricks and mortar location, equipment, staff or inventory to get their business started and making a profit.

GetintheLoop Local franchises are now available across all Canadian markets and expansion to the US is expected later this fall with global markets to follow.  Cliff Shillington, former RE/MAX International Officer with an extensive background in domestic and international franchising, is acting as Franchise expansion advisor to Loop Media Group.


GetintheLoop is the flagship product in the consumer division of Loop Media Group.  Since 2014, GetintheLoop has grown into the top-rated iOS and Android application of its kind in Canada, used by hundreds of top national and local brands. GetintheLoop is an intelligent mobile marketing platform that connects businesses with local consumers. GetintheLoop enables businesses to attract new customers, develop meaningful relationships, and obtain immediate in-depth data on their behaviour.

The $7 Billion Dollar Opportunity


Well it’s finally happened; traditional media channels are oversaturated.

Mary Meeker’s 2018 Internet Trends Report is out, and the big themes in the 294 slides this year: privacy, ecommerce, China and mobile.

A glaring trend in this report is the significant increase in mobile usage. More and more adults are spending more time online thanks to mobile, clocking 5.9 hours per day in 2017.  Attention is shifting to mobile more than advertising is, with 29% of time spent on mobile, and only 26% on advertising budget.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 1.07.40 PM.png

Source: Internet Trends Report 2018 from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Growth continues in internet advertising, but with the percent of time spent in media and percent of ad spend decline in print, radio and TV, Meeker identified a $7 billion opportunity for mobile.

But there is a huge issue…mobile ads suck!

A PageFair study in 2017 revealed that Adblock usage grew 30% globally in 2016. This means that people are becoming more and more frustrated with disruptive and irrelevant mobile ads.

We also know that roughly half of mobile ad clicks are accidental, and around 50% of ad impressions end up not delivered or not fully-loaded. It means that industrywide, human error is measured as a win. It also means that advertisers are wasting billions every year in ad spend.

In summary, mobile ads are poor, and advertisers and consumers are getting ripped off.  

But there is a better way!  This problem is worth solving and our team at Loop Media Group are launching solutions to provide a more authentic and valuable relationship between advertisers and mobile consumers.  Stay tuned!

Hi-Jane Announcement


Kelowna, BC – Loop Media Group, leaders in mobile marketing technology and the creators of Canada’s largest offers platform, GetintheLoop, are excited to announce the creation of a new division and mobile product, Hi-Jane.

Hi-Jane is built to be a turn-key, local marketing solution in the ever evolving cannabis landscape in Canada. Hi-Jane will allow dispensaries and cannabis affiliated businesses to connect directly with opted-in consumers to build brand awareness, drive new sales, create loyalty, and put their business and products on the map.  

“Like all Loop Media Group products, Hi-Jane will leverage our existing technology platform to provide dispensaries with best-in-class location based marketing, a partner service team to ensure success, and a data analytics dashboard to help our cannabis partners better understand trends and best practices for customer attraction.” – Matt Crowell, Founder & CEO.

Hi-Jane will empower companies to educate and promote their products and services to customers with a simple and effective user experience. It will provide the consumer with an easy and discreet way to learn more about the cannabis industry, products, and locations of dispensaries. In addition, the app will have exclusive offers, events, and experiences for Hi-Jane members.

Loop Media Group is excited about Hi-Jane’s market niche, due to strict advertising regulations that make it challenging for cannabis businesses to market themselves through traditional public-facing advertising channels.

“The cannabis industry is an exciting space for our company to get involved in,” said Crowell. “We believe we can be very successful by leveraging our technology and expertise in the mobile app space. We have already created significant interest from some leading cannabis players and look forward to successfully launching the free app once everything is legalized, and we can get clarity on the regulations.”

Loop Media Group is also pleased to announce that Christine Bay has joined as Director of Growth for Hi-Jane. Christine brings over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, with a focus on marketing and sales.

“I am extremely excited to be driving the growth and launch of Hi-Jane alongside Matt and his team. The product is going to help everyone in the cannabis space in some way. Whether you’re a wholesaler, a dispensary or dispensary group, retail outlet, or auxiliary-affiliated shop, you can save time, attract new customers and grow your business with Hi-Jane.” – Christine Bay, Director of Growth, Hi-Jane.

Based out of Kelowna, B.C., Loop Media Group initially launched its flagship consumer product, GetintheLoop, in 2013. Today GetintheLoop is the largest offers platform in Canada and connects hundreds of national and local brands to consumer across 35 cities. Loop Media Group recently announced the creation of Loop Enterprise, a white-labeled solution that helps brands world wide use the power of offers to build and directly engage their mobile audience, while driving new revenue and obtaining detailed consumer data.

Media or Sales Enquiries
Christine Bay
Director of Growth | Hi-Jane
Tel: 250-212-9898

Twitter: @HiJaneApp

GetintheLoop Accelerates Growth: Now Used By Over 100 National Brands


Businesses know that reaching today’s consumer is hard. It’s hard because we can’t communicate to them the same way we used to. Today, many people stream music and TV shows with no commercials, which is challenging for traditional radio and TV ads to be effective.  Print media is in a strong decline, which reduces the ability to reach people in local markets. Digital channels like Facebook face challenges with data privacy due to their size and scale.

But there’s a better way…

According to research firm eMarketer, in 2018, traditional media’s share of time spent per day by Canadians will slide to less than 50%. Mobile is leading this charge and continues to gain the attention of today’s consumer.

At GetintheLoop, our team focuses on building a better way to connect local businesses with mobile consumers, at a fraction of the cost of traditional media (print, radio, and TV). Our goal is to make it easier for businesses to market themselves authentically and effectively.

Our offers platform, consumer app and member base is making it easier for businesses of all sizes to market to today’s savvy consumer. Our rapid growth has enabled businesses to more effectively share their unique experiences and offers in local markets across Canada, something we are incredibly excited about!

In a time when e-commerce is rising, we’re proud to be one of the few companies helping businesses reach, attract and drive consumers into brick and mortar stores across Canada, helping to fuel the local economy.

As a result, our team has reached a new milestone in our growth and we are thrilled to welcome more national brands onto our platform, on the heels of our recent expansion across 30+ Canadian markets.


Adding these partners to our GetintheLoop network will provide even more value for our members across Canada, who have opted in to receive offers and experiences from businesses nearby.  

We’d love to talk to you. Get in touch with us now  and let’s see how we can help your business grow. 



Chris Pinkerton
President & COO

Peter Geh Joins as VP of Finance


Loop Media Group, the creators of GetintheLoop, Canada’s leading offers platform, is excited to announce that Peter Geh has joined as Vice President of Finance. Peter will oversee Loop Media Group’s finance and accounting functions, in addition to directing and executing on strategic financial plans for the organization and its divisions.  

Peter has over 11 years of experience working in public practice accounting with BDO Canada LLP, serving clients in a variety of industries including the technology sector. He has previously assisted clients with financial assurance requirements, complex accounting issues and reporting standards, risk management and controls, implementing finance department best practices, consulting on strategic direction, financial modeling, and performance measurement.

“We’re excited to welcome Peter into the Loop Media Group team at such a crucial point in our development. Loop Media Group is growing rapidly and becoming increasingly complex. Under Peter’s financial stewardship, the company will experience continued success in this environment,” stated Matt Crowell, CEO of Loop Media Group.

“Loop Media Group offered me an opportunity to join an exciting, growing company that is continually building on its own success and has an exceptional team to lead it into the future. I’m looking forward to leveraging my skills and experience to help the company deliver an exceptional product to its members and partners, while maximizing shareholder value.” said Peter.  

Peter holds a BBA in Finance, an MBA, a diploma in technology and has been a designated chartered professional accountant since 2009.