Loop Media Group and GetintheLoop Announces appointment of Coulter Wright as a member of our Executive Advisory Board


Toronto, Ontario June 4th, 2019 - Loop Media Group & GetintheLoop Marketing Ltd (“GetintheLoop” or “The Company”)  announced the appointment of Coulter Wright as a member of our Executive Advisory Board.

“I am pleased to join GetintheLoop at this inflection point in the history of the company. GetintheLoop is already Canada’s largest mobile offers platform and is positioned to take full advantage of the momentum the company has with its unique franchising model and the strong market trends toward location aware mobile marketing and machine learning technology said Coulter Wright, GetintheLoop Advisor.

“Coulter brings a tremendous amount of experience in capitalizing high growth technology companies and supporting expansion both in North America and into other international markets.  He has been adding value to our company for years. It's nice to make it official” stated Matt Crowell, Founder and CEO.

Mr. Wright has 17 years of corporate finance and investment experience leading AGF Investments for 12 years as VP and Portfolio Manager of the Canadian Growth Equity Fund, a one billion dollar fund comprised of hundreds of investments including several early stage and growth stage companies. During this time, Mr. Wright helped many of the companies in the portfolio grow and reach their potential.

More recently, Mr. Wright’s investment in Real Matters led to an executive team role where he helped the company through 3 acquisitions over 18 months. Since 2016, Mr. Wright has served as Co-Founder and CFO of Charly Inc, a technology company dedicated to building efficient communication marketplaces in the influencer and dating space.

Mr. Wright first learned about GetintheLoop almost 5 years ago when Company Founder Matt Crowell started laying the foundation for national growth and partnerships in Toronto. “What was meant to be an introduction coffee quickly turned into a friendship, mentorship, and investment into GetintheLoop. Coulter is now joining to help advise on matters of international expansion, capital, and corporate development”, added Crowell.

Coulter joins Trevor Marshall, Mark Payne, Larry Pollock, Patrick La Forge and Cliff Shillington as Executive Advisors to GetintheLoop.

About GetintheLoop

GetintheLoop is Canada’s leading mobile offers platform that gives bricks and mortar businesses a local voice. GetintheLoop provides a simple-to-use platform for businesses to reach interested and active members on their smartphones.

Members download and opt-in to receive curated, local offers and experiences from top brands and businesses including restaurants and bars, spas and salons, retail outlets, and local events and local attractions.

GetintheLoop is one of the fastest growing franchises in Canada. We are expanding into new markets every month with local owner/operators though an innovative and modern approach to franchising. Learn more: https://getinthelooplocal.com

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