A Local Business Revolution

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Local businesses need a voice. They need to be heard. But it's hard.

The relentless firehose of never-ending corporate advertising is making consumers tired. Tired if hearing all the tag-lines, evaluating all the options, and simply dealing with the volume. But if you are a locally focused business, this creates a huge opportunity.

Even as the world becomes more digital, consumers desire for local business grows. While they love technological advances, they also want to return to simplicity. They want to declutter their lives and have real face-to-face connections with their community.

People want to support people, not corporations. 

Research shows that consumers want to do business with companies that really want to earn their business and are vested in their local community. When you’re a locally focused business with a connection to your community, you have the potential to build a voice much more powerful and authentic than any marketing team can dream up from their boardroom.

Big brands evolve through large investments to keep up with trends. Local businesses evolve by being authentically connected to their community. That’s something money can’t buy, which makes it priceless.

Today, local business can ride the technological wave and keep their authentic voice with very little investment. Our team at GetintheLoop Local is building a better way to give local business a voice, from coast to coast. Join us, and learn how you can get involved.